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  1. Below I inform you about the type, extend and purpose of collection and processing your personal data on this website.

  2. This Data Statement is always available for you on my website.You furthermore have the right to receive information about all your personal data that is stored in coherence with my website.Upon request this information is provided electronically.

  3. I follow all relevant data protection requirements.

  4. By using my website your Internet browser automatically transmits data due to technical reasons (so-called usage data). Examples of such data are: Time of your visit on my website, the URL of the referring website, the browser you are using and your IP address. The data is used solely for statistical purposes and is deleted immediately thereafter. It is not possible for me to assign these data to a person.

  5. Besides this I collect and process your personal data only if you contact me for contractual purposes e.g. if you contact me for booking me (so-called inventory data). For this purpose I only collect and process data that is needed to fulfill your inquiry.

  6. If you want to comment on my blog, you can do that anonymously. The entry of personal data is voluntary.

  7. Usage data and inventory data will be stored and processed separately.

  8. In individual cases I might be obliged to give your personal data (usage data and inventory data) for law enforcement purposes to authoritys.

  9. In order to make the use of my website more convenient, I use 'cookies', which can be stored on your computer. This process can be stopped by you by changing the settings of your browser.

  10. On my website I link to my Facebook fan page and to my Youtube channel. Whether Facebook and YouTube are collecting and processing your personal data, such as your IP address and the URL of the referring website, in this context is only known by Facebook and Youtube themselves. This is outside my control capabilities.

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